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Access Control

Access Control

Access Control is the control of the movement of individuals through designated areas of your premises. Ensure your premises are save with our state of the art Access Control System.

An Access Control System can be as simple as an intercom system to card swipes or proximity readers. This adds an additional layer of security at your premises, allowing those you want in, inside and keeping those that you donโ€™t want in, outside.


Access Control Panel

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Access Control Monitoring

Whether your premises is large or small, we have the expertise and knowledge needs to deliver this to an industry-leading standard.

A.T Secure offers controlled access solutions to suit businesses and organisations of all types in order to restrict or permit access to areas on a temporary / indefinite basis. Access control solutions allow businesses to manage and control the flow of movement of authorised personnel into and out of areas whilst restricting entry to unwanted visitors and staff in designated areas.

Access control systems can be integrated into other systems within a business, including CCTV and time and attendance records

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